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Building my new PC

Here is a short build blog for my 5th PC. My old one was almost 6 years old and after the memory and GPU upgrade during 2016 I was unable to scale more and games where dropping huge FPS. Thus, time for a new one! –> This is still a work in progress but here


This is not going to be a huge blog entry though I would love to share my latest addition to my “man-cave” TZE CHAIR! I’ve been watching some twitch lately on huge events and saw that most of the broadcasters have a extremely comfortable chair which they should because they sit in it over 10

DYI Building my NAS

As a storage enthusiast I love to build my own NAS. I am sure that if you read this you know already what a NAS is, but for those of you who don’t; a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a central point of storage where you can share and manage all your data. Because it