Author: Atsiekratsie

Migrate FreeNAS to VMware

I was running my FreeNAS installation dedicated on my NAS Build I did last year. Though I wanted more freedom thus installing a hyper-visor (VMware) to run multiple virtual operating systems so I can fully utilize my resources in this build. In this blog I describe how I migrated the FreeNAS installation to a virtual machine.

Building my new PC

Here is a short build blog for my 5th PC. My old one was almost 6 years old and after the memory and GPU upgrade during 2016 I was unable to scale more and games where dropping huge FPS. Thus, time for a new one! –> This is still a work in progress but here

SABnzbd & Sickbeard on FreeNAS 9

One of the things my NAS at home does is Downloading! I am using SABnzbd as a the download engine. This tool connects to the usenet provider and can download and unpack files even with the use of PAR files (parity recovery files to repair broken blocks in the packed files). We only need to

Deciding on a NAS and installing FreeNAS

After my hardware build I looked into what operating system my NAS should be running. Because I have 4 drives it should be capable of doing a type of RAID, accessible by my Windows computers (CIFS) and media centers running XMBC (NFS) and be able to download automatically using Sickbeard and SABnzbd. On this blog


This is not going to be a huge blog entry though I would love to share my latest addition to my “man-cave” TZE CHAIR! I’ve been watching some twitch lately on huge events and saw that most of the broadcasters have a extremely comfortable chair which they should because they sit in it over 10

DYI Building my NAS

As a storage enthusiast I love to build my own NAS. I am sure that if you read this you know already what a NAS is, but for those of you who don’t; a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a central point of storage where you can share and manage all your data. Because it

DDWRT on Asus RT-AC66U

Here in Holland the hype to get fiber to home is booming. Unfortunately where I live Cable is still the fastest connection available with 200 Mbit download and 20 Mbit/s upload speed, the standardmodem that is packed with this provider (which is actually an Cisco EPC3928AD with a “Ziggo” skin”) is missing a lot of features and