SABnzbd & Sickbeard on FreeNAS


Working in the IT industry (IBM) my whole life and have a passion for technology and gaming. On this blog I record my own topic of interests and home setups and installations. Not just for my own personal Archive (So I know how I setup "stuff") but also to share. Feel free to comment or submit requests!

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4 Responses

  1. Stewart says:

    I’m trying to follow along this tutorial, but I keep seeing XXXX in a few key places?

    Is this deliberate?


    • Atsiekratsie says:

      Thanks for noticing this! It was an “older” post though but I have updated to my best knowledge 🙂

      • Stewart says:

        Ok, I have followed the guide (I already had a user called media – but has a UID of 8675309 – can’t be edited), but I followed the remainder of the instructions and it seemed to go fine until I tried to add a show to sickbed and I get this error:

        “2017-10-17 20:50:27 CP Server Thread-9 :: Unable to create the folder /media/Series/Scandal, can’t add the show”.

        It appears that sickbed doesn’t have permission to create a folder?

        Any ideas?

  2. Stewart says:

    I’ve got it working, it was a problem with the permissions in Sickbeard.

    I’m going to try and get Sonarr working now, using the same procedure and folder structure you used for Sickbeard.

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

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