Migrate FreeNAS to VMware


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3 Responses

  1. Charolette says:

    Thanks, it’s very informative

  2. Darrren says:

    Thinking about trying this, but I see your note that “Be aware; you are going to lose your configuration (shares, users, Jails etc)!” – aren’t the jails stored on my RaidZ volume? If I do have to recreate them from scratch, can’t I just substitute the old datasets for the new ones?

    • Atsiekratsie says:

      According to my best knowledge its not possible to do this as you stated. There is a workaround though where you could send the whole Jail using [zfs send]. The full documentation on this command can be found here;https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18752_01/html/819-5461/gbchx.html.

      I found another user using this method and below his action plan (due note that this is an internal move he is performing. To use ‘zfs send’ to another host simply use the hostname in front of the commands as can be read in the docs.oracle link).

      1. Turn off all plugins
      2. Stop all jails
      3. Run these commands via CLI:
      [zfs snapshot -r main_pool/jails@relocate]
      [zfs send -R main_pool/jails@relocate | zfs receive -v ssd_pool/jails]
      4. Change the Jail Root to /mnt/ssd_pool/jails (Jails->Configuration)
      5. Start jails/plugins
      6. Check that everything works and destroy the original jails dataset (main_pool/jails)

      Hope it helps!

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